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Thursday, July 2, 2009

"The Biggest Jokes in The World Have Woken Up To The New World Order", Alex Jones

Link to youtube
Heidi and Spencer Go New World Order With ALEX JONES! Comedy that's not even funny. Alex Jones making a joke of it all.

"Incredible", Alex Jones.

Not really, Alex.

Friday, May 29, 2009

What's The Message of Popular, Mainstream Hip Hop

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Link to part 2
Link to part 3

The videos, links I post, I'm not vouching for as being 100% factual or even right. Some of them like this one, even feature some folks I would be very skeptical of. Like Allan Watt, for example.

But looking at some elements of truth, the bigger picture with an alternative view point is what I am looking to do by posting them. My belief is that some of this is true but not in every case. And I feel like the guy that infers that many entertainers are not nice people and want money. "They are like nothing. They do it for the money, they don't see the big picture."

The Boulet is a Mason like college fraternity and many popular rappers/celebrities are known to be part of that as well as being Prince Hall Masons. I just want to make it 100% clear that I am not against these organizations. I know many good people who are yes, Masons.

Just more interested on where the messages that I see in entertainment and music are really coming from. Being even where I am in the entertainment industry, you'ld have to be blind to not see that certain material almost always gets promoted over more positive material. Why is that?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dick Morris and Sean Hannity Talk IMF Conspiracy

Link to youtube
Fox News saying conspiracy theories are right. Haha. To funny.

Monday, May 11, 2009

CheckMate: George4title,, Jonathan Lebed,

Link to youtube
George4Title was promoted and funded by ^Trinity^ (at least that's what both parties said on the glp website) at before they had a public spat.

Who Really Runs "GLP"

I am not claiming anything here as a fact. I have frequented the site and do find it a strange place. Everybody knows about the autoban for using the words "Jason Lucas" "Tavistock" "Lop" etc. Google them if you are unfamiliar. The rumor is that Jason Lucas a spam/mal ware programmer who owned LOP, bought godlikeproductions which is a popular "conspiracy" bulletin board to spy on people. The person known as "^Trinity^" on GLP owns the site but nobody seems to know the man personally but for a few mods. GLP has lots of traffic but from my posting there, it is quite different than other popular sites. Hard to describe but something is not right on GLP and the traffic and posters often seem programmed and not authentic. "Controlling the conversation"? That's the way it feels. Like a big simulation.

I have never met any of these people that post there but yet am very familiar with the posts on GLP for the last several years. And my opinion? Either genius marketing plan or more likely far worse.

Re-posting a thread from another board with the latest rumors.
Originally Posted Here!

From a paper written by:

Jason Lucas, TENA SDA Deputy Director
Eglin AFB, FL
Smoking Gun on Jason Lucas, working for the govt?

(Hurry and grab your copy of the pdf before it disappears!)

Yes, you read that right. Our Trinity is the deputy director of a government program in charge of middleware development to better enable data collection (ie., Spyware, also known as flowers ;) )! Look at this quote from page 4 of the presentation. You just know it's Trinity.

"In his 78 A.D. book, The War of the Jews, the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus observed and wrote about Roman soldiers as they trained and were tested almost daily for battle, saying their "exercises were unbloody battles, and their battles bloody exercises. It is the reason they bear the fatigue of battle so easily." Today's military exercises with multi-layered scenarios spread out over large areas may be much more complex than a Roman legion exercising its cohorts, but the goal of buffering the quickly rising, often unexpected challenges of combat is the same. Through today's quick and efficient data collection and analysis, all necessary levels of exercise feedback can be quickly turned into lessons learned. Offering the interoperability and resource reuse advantages to the data collection, TENA has become an important factor in range instrumentation and data gathering systems, particularly as an interoperability enabler in JNTC military exercises."

How do we know this is our Jason?

The infamous "Spyware Letter" (or "Flowers Letter", if you prefer) that pegs JL as an employee of C2 Media

A few whois records showing where at least one C2 Media branch is located.
CustName: C2 Media Ltd
Address: P.O. Box 1113
City: Shalimar
StateProv: FL

Trinity Acquisitions is a known alias for Mr. Lucas (Get it, Trinity? Ha Ha)
Trinity Acquisitions Inc.
Trinity Acquisitions
P.O. Box 344
shalimar, FL 32579

An interesting myspace page, where someone has posted lots of revealing documentation.

A campaign contribution:

Let's establish location. How far is Eglin AFB from Shalimar? Let's ask Google:

Driving directions to Eglin Air Force Base, FL
2.1 mi – about 5 mins

Shalimar, FL

1. Head north on Eglin Pkwy/FL-85 toward 9th Ave
1.3 mi
2. Continue straight onto Eglin Blvd/FL-397
0.6 mi
3. Make a U-turn
0.3 mi

Eglin Air Force Base, FL

So, it's possible that there's more than one Jason Lucas in Shalimar. But a little less likely that some other Jason would also be a senior operative in data collection.

In conclusion: Avoid GLP at all costs. Spread the word to other forums.
And my research on Elgin Air Force Base. The picture above is definitely something you can imagine being posted at GLP but never is. It's from the wikipedia for Elgin Airforce Base.

Jason Lucas listed as USAF/46 Rangers/VTS speaker at conference
with Wayne Lindo "ATT & Government Solutions". AT&T government solutions? The guy in charge of spying on American citizens.
46th offers Federal Small Business Innovation Research Funding

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Interesting History of Unibomber Theodore Kaczynski

He attended high school at Evergreen Park Community High School. Kaczynski did well academically, but found the mathematics too simple during his sophomore year. He was subsequently placed in a more advanced math class. Kaczynski quickly mastered the material, and skipped the eleventh grade. With the help of a summer school course for English, he completed his high school education when he was 15. He was encouraged to apply to Harvard University, and was subsequently accepted as a student beginning in Fall 1958 at the age of 16. While at Harvard, Kaczynski was taught by famed logician Willard Quine, scoring at the top of Quine's class with a 98.9% final grade. He also participated in a multiple-year personality study conducted by Dr. Henry Murray, an expert on stress interviews.[7]

Students in Murray's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-sponsored study were told they would be debating personal philosophy with a fellow student.[9] Instead, they were subjected to the stress test, which was an extremely stressful and prolonged psychological attack by an anonymous attorney. During the test, students were strapped into a chair and connected to electrodes that monitored their physiological reactions, while facing bright lights and a two-way mirror. This was filmed, and students' expressions of impotent rage were played back to them several times later in the study. According to Chase, Kaczynski's records from that period suggest he was emotionally stable when the study began. Kaczynski's lawyers attributed some of his emotional instability and dislike of mind control to his participation in this study.[9][10]

Unibomber Wiki


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lock and Load Time, FEMA Camps, Alex Jones Dials Up the Fear

Link to youtube
Doom with sensationalism. Even if it turns out to be all true, most won't believe it because of folks like Alex Jones?

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