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Monday, May 11, 2009

Who Really Runs "GLP"

I am not claiming anything here as a fact. I have frequented the site and do find it a strange place. Everybody knows about the autoban for using the words "Jason Lucas" "Tavistock" "Lop" etc. Google them if you are unfamiliar. The rumor is that Jason Lucas a spam/mal ware programmer who owned LOP, bought godlikeproductions which is a popular "conspiracy" bulletin board to spy on people. The person known as "^Trinity^" on GLP owns the site but nobody seems to know the man personally but for a few mods. GLP has lots of traffic but from my posting there, it is quite different than other popular sites. Hard to describe but something is not right on GLP and the traffic and posters often seem programmed and not authentic. "Controlling the conversation"? That's the way it feels. Like a big simulation.

I have never met any of these people that post there but yet am very familiar with the posts on GLP for the last several years. And my opinion? Either genius marketing plan or more likely far worse.

Re-posting a thread from another board with the latest rumors.
Originally Posted Here!

From a paper written by:

Jason Lucas, TENA SDA Deputy Director
Eglin AFB, FL
Smoking Gun on Jason Lucas, working for the govt?

(Hurry and grab your copy of the pdf before it disappears!)

Yes, you read that right. Our Trinity is the deputy director of a government program in charge of middleware development to better enable data collection (ie., Spyware, also known as flowers ;) )! Look at this quote from page 4 of the presentation. You just know it's Trinity.

"In his 78 A.D. book, The War of the Jews, the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus observed and wrote about Roman soldiers as they trained and were tested almost daily for battle, saying their "exercises were unbloody battles, and their battles bloody exercises. It is the reason they bear the fatigue of battle so easily." Today's military exercises with multi-layered scenarios spread out over large areas may be much more complex than a Roman legion exercising its cohorts, but the goal of buffering the quickly rising, often unexpected challenges of combat is the same. Through today's quick and efficient data collection and analysis, all necessary levels of exercise feedback can be quickly turned into lessons learned. Offering the interoperability and resource reuse advantages to the data collection, TENA has become an important factor in range instrumentation and data gathering systems, particularly as an interoperability enabler in JNTC military exercises."

How do we know this is our Jason?

The infamous "Spyware Letter" (or "Flowers Letter", if you prefer) that pegs JL as an employee of C2 Media

A few whois records showing where at least one C2 Media branch is located.
CustName: C2 Media Ltd
Address: P.O. Box 1113
City: Shalimar
StateProv: FL

Trinity Acquisitions is a known alias for Mr. Lucas (Get it, Trinity? Ha Ha)
Trinity Acquisitions Inc.
Trinity Acquisitions
P.O. Box 344
shalimar, FL 32579

An interesting myspace page, where someone has posted lots of revealing documentation.

A campaign contribution:

Let's establish location. How far is Eglin AFB from Shalimar? Let's ask Google:

Driving directions to Eglin Air Force Base, FL
2.1 mi – about 5 mins

Shalimar, FL

1. Head north on Eglin Pkwy/FL-85 toward 9th Ave
1.3 mi
2. Continue straight onto Eglin Blvd/FL-397
0.6 mi
3. Make a U-turn
0.3 mi

Eglin Air Force Base, FL

So, it's possible that there's more than one Jason Lucas in Shalimar. But a little less likely that some other Jason would also be a senior operative in data collection.

In conclusion: Avoid GLP at all costs. Spread the word to other forums.
And my research on Elgin Air Force Base. The picture above is definitely something you can imagine being posted at GLP but never is. It's from the wikipedia for Elgin Airforce Base.

Jason Lucas listed as USAF/46 Rangers/VTS speaker at conference
with Wayne Lindo "ATT & Government Solutions". AT&T government solutions? The guy in charge of spying on American citizens.
46th offers Federal Small Business Innovation Research Funding


  1. Yup. I've been posting on GLP for years, and here is what i've figured out...

    #1. Trin is the brains behind the operation. He does a lot of "behind the scenes" work. He's a smart dude, I respect his accomplishments, but what I find quite dubious is how he's a sellout.

    Trin is a sellout to Humanity, he's a sellout for money.

    I think he tries to justify how he's sold out humanity by his work, by saying "GLP is here because I give a damn, I want to promote truth".

    But looking at Trin and the Admins' and Moderators ACTIONS, instead of their words, you start to see the real agenda on GLP.

    The real agenda is basically this.

    THEY SUPPORT CIA AGENTS SPREADING LIES. They support the NSA spying on people researching ALIENS... And they support the jewish media cartel.

    Also, TONS of mind control is involved. Most of the CIA agents who work on GLP and troll teh spiritual humans, are Reptilians.

    GLP is an artificial creation.

    All the moderators are QUESTIONABLE as FUCK. You look at the moderators and they all have CIA or NSA connections... ie: 4by2 has the same IP address as NSA Agent "James Casbolt"... DrPostMan claims to be a postal mail carrier, but has a history of CIA shilling on multiple usenet forums... Etc etc.

    Every moderator there is questionable.

    They're not BAD people...

    It's like this.

    Some people can be BOUGHT and PAID for... and some people will never sell their soul or spirit for monetary or material GAIN...

    Some people, you can't BUY them off...

    All the people who RUN GLP, including Trin, are BOUGHT off...

  2. Another thing to note, is that there aren't many INTERESTING posters on GLP anymore.

    GLP is always bankrolled by 3-5 posters who inject originality.

    Most of the people on GLP are Reptilians or Aliens.

    Only a handful of posters on GLP have the potential to create ORIGINAL and NOVEL posts.

    And those people figure out the truth, and probably get banned or whatever.

    When you're posting on GLP, you can FEEL the mind control invading your conciousness.

    I think, this is not always a DIRECT targeting, but when they are running your posts and profiling your posts/threads into their databases and psychologists are studying your reactions... Your mind KNOWS someone is spying on you.

    GLP gives you that sort of vibes.

    GLP will eventually collapse on itself.

    All communities collapse, when overbanning/suppression and promotion of the shills conquers the original posters.

    Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash support disgusting freaks of nature like SnakeAirlines, Duncan Kunz, G. House & "The Guy" who are all alcoholic and prescription drug addicted shills. Jason Lucas supports these SHILLS instead of his community.

    Notice how Trinity and SHR have banned THOUSANDS of people, but they still keep the diseased OLD shills on their site? Notice how Trin and SHR have allied themselves with weakness?

    This will be their downfall.

    It will be interesting to see what Trin or SHR does with their life, when their money dries up and their community withers away, and their air force & jewish media cartel financing disappears.

    Should be interesting.

    That's the thing about sellouts. Once you SELL OUT humanity... you can't rejoin HUMANITY anymore.

    You sell out humanity, you're not allowed to rejoin the human community. Go play with the reptiles.


  3. Join us at

  4. "The Conspiracy On the TOP conspiracy forums"

    We are the other white meat but with out the shills:)

  5. It is data mining extraodinaire-I have been banned numerous times when they were purged of the more interesting threads. Even my threads have been purged and any mention of offending 'words' or even those leaving
    c r u m b s are cleared if found.

    I do not even search out info it has been so confirmed in my experience-the fox is in the henhouse kind of moment of clarity-and most of the solid previous posters-exit...
    Like a behavior modification laboratory and they really do a number on many who do not understand what is really going on-many of them that have sold out have sold out in all ways and mock any who are unaware. It is sad and I am about at that point of not wasting any time there for the others even-the regular folks who really are afraid of what is going on in the world or very confused.

    They MADE their choice-they have sought their own comfort while many are without-so they will REAP the CONSEQUENCES

  6. I started talking about your blog on GLP. They've BANNED me! :))))))

  7. I have been an active lurker on GLP for awhile now. Meaning I look, but don't post. I can believe this. They just had a "Get Unbanned" day recently. Where your "bad deeds" were forgiven and you give Trinity your IP Address and you're unbanned. Don't believe me?

    "GLP Amnesty Day"
    "Please include the words "Unban Request" in the subject line so I can spot the email and

    "Make sure you send me your IP address so I know what IP to unban.."

  8. I find it scary that you have to give him your IP Address. I'm kind of afraid to visit the website now. It's going to be hard not going there anymore because there is news you won't find anywhere else.

    1. mellocollieeee,Im going thru withdrawel from GLP, is there any other comparable site. because they banned me again and I am a harmless N.A.Indian grandma.I tried to use my debit to pay for a four mo. subs. but they said they need paypal. Now Im afraid they have my debit info!!!I am an invalid and the net is my lifesaving entertainment. Thanks

  9. You can go back any time. I get banned all the time and after a few days the ban usually goes away. If not, oh well screw them. Start your own community thats better than theirs. Dont let them hold that above you.

  10. LOL. Someone made a thread that said to Google "GodlikeProductions" and everyone in the thread got banned, including me, because this site is high up on the list of results. I guess that means this is TRUE :)

  11. Everytime I've recently tried to go onto GLP I get this message...

    "The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there; lift a stone and you will find me.

    For the book has been closed, The names have been written, Judgement cometh.

    And it was known to them in those days that there would come upon them the judgement of the children of God, who had lived among them as men and learned of their ways and tested their hearts.

    A Final Message For You"

    WTF is this???

  12. btw, I can't get on to the actual forum. I don't know what's going on.

  13. Same thing Sunday Noon; GLP appears to have closed it's doors.

  14. Funny how even knowing all this people are still flocking there. forum is looking for mods and posters, if you would like to try something new.

  15. Visit Lunatic Outpost Forum for a friendlier alternative discussion board. We're like GLP but without the racism.

  16. man... i love your article, site here... but your link are broken!!! figures... was a juicy tail there. Thanks for the heads up, I found glp about 6 months ago and I have to admit it's like candy... no wonder it's so good, it's naughty... I would like to see the links ; )

  17. as soon as i made a post about the parent company of glp, i was banned... i would tell you what its called but i havent been able to access the website in ages...

    i think it was something like lucis trust? j/k...

  18. Lucis Trust? You mean the spiritual arm of the UN? The Satanists/New Agers?

  19. This is a load of crap you guys need to find a new hobby. That site is garbage, it's a bunch of lunatics. This post had me laughing my ass off:
    a conspiracy message board posting about a NBA time travel commercial.
    A bunch of clowns. You'd have to be retarded to be brainwashed by them. And what the fuck does reptilian mean?

  20. Hello,

    Someone got into my computer and was talking to me through my own posts, and changed notes i had on my desk top. This happened twice. The second time i got banned and never got unbanned. Trinity disappeared also, at the same time of my second computer invasion, but is now back. Here is the message they sent me:

    On Sun, 01 May 2011 19:25 -0400, wrote:
    > Your unban request was denied.
    > constantly quoting yourself and trolling a pinned thread...ban remains.

  21. OMG..I can't believe this..So, I was on GLP and read a post from some german OP who just left a link and that's how I got here. When I read the post, there were still no comments, so I returned to that post after I saw this site, refreshed the page to see if there were already people commenting!! A message "sorry, the post is no longer on the database" appeared.. That was fast I'd tell ya!! No more than 5 minutes I think.. Wow, I didn't knew about this, I know this is an old post from 2009 but it's still valid I guess..From now on I'll try to be more cautious when entering some sites, but wow, I confess I'm in some shock now..a conspiracy within a conspiracy site? Now that's something. What do you guys think they could or try to do? Could they use somehow our info for some purposes? I hope someone can answer this, thanks!

  22. Thanks everyone, someone came to GLP today and posted a thread with a link to here...all my suspicions have been realised, I have been going to glp for about three years and originally my bans didnt make sense, this morning however i have enough knowledge to have a little fun and I asked Trinity why we couldnt say the "T" word (Tavistock)..immediate ban, luckily for me i have a dynamic IP and just got straight back on only to see that the entire thread had NOT been deleted just my question, the thread itself was started by someone else who complained about being a fully paid member but had not received full privligdes or summit. I am sick of it all, can any body recommend a good replacement, please dont suggest LOP, as I am a bit suspicious of them too.
    ps: whoever did all this research...thanks

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Trinity on GLP openly admitted today that they are data mining their members. When people questioned it they were baned within seconds.

  25. Just a comment that we have Mozilla's WOT malware detection system and glp invariably indicates infection.

  26. I was banned yesterday for posting the word "TAVISTOCK". It started with another poster who coded the word in his message, I then picked up on it before it was quickly deleted by mods and googled it. The mere mention of that word will not allow a post or reply to even show up on that site following with an instant ban. I started a thread over on ATS about it. What a way to draw attention to what they're actually doing by not allowing a conspiracy to be posted on their so called conspiracy website.

  27. Yep. . . I was banned because Trinity had a thread talking about how the Occupy Wall Street people are full of it and are wrong for doing what they are doing. I asked Trinity if he was so damn smart then what was his FIX for everything. . . . and presto . . BANNED!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. .. anyone who knows how the Intelligence Agencies work knows that they are EVERYWHERE on the Net and are collecting all sorts of information everyday!

  28. Interesting ... I started having my doubts awhile ago but really started wondering about the sincerity of trinity when he started accusing occupy wall street ppl of print communist revolutionaries out to overthrow the us gov. Lol! And he's got everyone on the site falling right in line behind him. If you have the slightest tone of decent or even a modest question, which is what I did and bam! Instant ban. Talk about McCarthism. It didn't take long for me to realize that this site isn't about sharing ideas and debate which it is designed to look like but more about shaping the way one thinks. This is evident on many of the subjects. If you don't go with the mainline sentiment you will be sidelined by shills and eventually banned. Def. Questionable motives over there.

  29. I was banned today right after posting a thread that said that we should make a list of the names and addresses of all the people in the NWO to Protest, Prosecute and Remove them.

  30. When trinity said every protester in the world was a gov. shill, I said it didn't make sense.

    So I'm banned.

  31. I got banned for posting a thread asking if GLP had been compromised, neutralized. I was banned in less than 5 seconds. I had been reading posts for years, but I started to relize that threads were being deleted, and the shilling was getting out of control. Trinity posted a thread about how someone from a DHS computer had posted wikileaks info on his sight. trying to get people to down load it. The next day the thread was gone and any post related.

  32. I have been playing with GLP for years to get these truths spread on their forum. About the manipulation, data mining, political agenda, etc.

    Banned each time. Back each time with a new proxy.

    They are getter better at banning though, and I'm getting tired of this forum TBH. I once liked the people there, but now that they have banned all the open-minded, only the brainwashed right-wing, gun-lovers, bible-thumpers extremists remain...

    The funniest is how everyone who isn't thinking like Trinity is automatically a "communist" :DDD

    1. GLP is a front..but you're still an idiot. its us "right winger" (libertarian) gun lovers who are the only people keeping you from being subjugated by the very same tyrants (communists,fascists) who run places like GLP and our government, and yes your beloved obama is one of them. Moron

  33. If someone is skilled in Wiki, I would suggest setting up a "" wikipedia page.

    I'm willing to contribute :)

  34. I was banned for disagreeing with his disgust at the Occupy movement...about 2 min later he kicked me out. Now 2 weeks later Im allowed back in, but with all the BS its just not worth it anymore. Its a soul-sucker and a time-drainer and the only reason I really liked it was the solar flare updates...but really its such crap now and its obvious that GLP isnt meant to spread truth at all. So lame.'ll die knowing you were a traitor to the freedom of humanity.

  35. Unfortunately I found all this out too late. I recently stumbled upon glp and starting posting in defense of the OWS protests because the posts being made were promoting blatant untruths and hate-spew. I was banned of course but the creepier thing is that one of my email accts was suddenly hacked, sending out spam emails with the title "I AM FREE NOW" apparently in response to my many posts in defense of our freedoms (I used the word freedom often). This is the first time my email acct has been hacked. Now, ok maybe just a coincidance. Later the same day my blog (which my email acct had a link to in the sig) gets hacked. I go to find out where the problem was and discover my index.php file had been overwritten to say "Silence is Golden". Ok so then I started freaking out a bit and started to research GLP and found this site. Not good! Avoid GLP like the plague.

    1. if you are dumb enough to think OWS isn't just part of the plan and that you aren't a useful idiot pawn of the global collectivist tyrants, then you deserve the hack

  36. I have posted at GLP for probably 2-3 years, and been repeatedly banned for posting various 'non-kosher' views, usually when trying to expose things like the Holocaust Hoax, jewish power, etc. Usually the IP ban is lifted after about 2 weeks, and I can go back. I agree with the others posting here about the decline in GLP due to good posters being banned and apparantly leaving the site.

    A friend of mine and I just recently started a new forum dedicated to COMPLETE freedom of speech, geared towards truthseekers and anti-NWO activists.

    Here is the forum:
    Knowledge is Power - The Uncensored Free Speech Forum

    Everyone is welcome, especially those banned by GLP!

  37. I tried to join your forum but was banned from there when I tried to register and marked as a spammer

  38. I have been banned there many times but am now thinking to stay away permanently.

    To add to this reveal I would like to expose another person on that site: Phennommennonn.

    Who is she?

    None other than Dusty Street, a radio DJ with Sirius Satellite Radio. Look her up on YouTube and compare the voice you hear on GLP Voice Chat to her radio voice. It is a match. Further if you say that on GLP you are banned.

    And the last piece of evidence to tie it all together was a post by her a couple of years ago on how to start your own business.

    The lead idea from her in that post is as follows:

    "if you are computer literate and know how to use audio editing software (which you can start off using freeware and then the windows sound recorder) you can record commercials for local merchants who advertise on the radio. **listen to the radio stations. find out who is advertising. write down name/address/phone. analyze the commercial. does it suck? where can it be improved? now a radio station will charge for say 10 days advertising 1200-1800$. usually they write/produce the commercial which is included in the price. you can call these merchants and set up a meeting with the owner to discuss his advertising spot. tell him what you think is wrong. go ahead and make like 4 commercials of your own. 2/15 second ones, and 2/30 second ones. be creative. be funny. add music, sound effects. burn to a cd. when you meet with the merchant you can sell your commercial to him. i was selling 4 commercials just for shitz n giggles for 50.00 each as a TRIAL. if they liked it, and renewed with the station, it was 100.00 for the next commercial set. you have to sell yourself. let the merchant know youre a consumer who listens to the radio, point out pros/cons. that a radio station may have pros, but pros dont always know what the customer wants to hear. whats funny on the receiving end, whats attractive and what will sell your product. the merchant in turn can then negotiate a lesser radio spot charge for having his own commercial thus saving him money. **this is a lot of fun to do. i still do it when im called. and it supplements your income with virtually no startup. CDs and your gas driving out to the merchant. (if you have cd labels, use them for a more professional look and use cd cases or slippers)"

    Have I nailed it or what?

  39. WOW! you people are the truth. I got on GLP yesterday on my laptop and was on there for hours, reading and even made a few posts. I have been a member since 2011 with only 4 posts. three of my posts were from yesterday. I can't even go to the website anymore on my laptop as of last night. the page will not load at all or will load forever. I don't see the site, log in, forum, or anything. last night, I tried accessing the site from my desktop with success. I'm on my desktop now and the same thing, I get nothing. fuck GLP! it is a waste of time and I do believe there are shills on the site. if you ever go to the voice chat, there are people who sound like puppets of the government or something. I'm also sure there are some genuine people out there like myself in search of the truth, but it doesn't seem like you will run into these people or make friends easily. it seems like there's a barrier (LOTS of negative and rude people on there). they want to instill their thoughts into you and will make their ideas seem superior. any other sites like GLP minus the shills? I'm spiritual and I've noticed all the downtalk on to these people. it's sick, those downtalkers are sick (and not in the cool way)! ;)

  40. I just got banned from GLP because I dared to point out that US healthcare is a giant money spinning con. Bam - banned almost instantly. Got back in (using an IP shield...) and found my post had been deleted as well. It contained actual data from the WHO and obviously hit a nerve.

  41. good blog!!! I don't go on GLP since a couple of months ago. it just spreads negativity.

  42. I am Neo & found the key on GLP (Google Cache if gone,) lets you view posts at least for your news fix:


  44. This site isn't any better who the royal F would require G+ to comment? Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

  45. Better Late then never, many moon's ago a conspiracy fact web site came into being, Cyberspace Orbit, I spent a week, 23/7 almost and read the entire web site, at which point, Prof. Kent started a forum, (meet my wife there) and one of the members then started Godlike Productions, then came the troll's, Kent's forum shut down, and we all used GLP, more troll's, and yes site sold to CIA are heard whispering in the wind. .. One called Rainmaker back in that time, seemed like two different people, when talked to at night and in the day time, and yes no matter how many firewalls you had could waltz right into your system and make changes in one minute, most likely computer.

    1. After reading this, I'm convinced tgat being a paid member of that site resulted in the destruction of several of my pc's. This was years back, and since then I'd only troll on occasion as an AC. It makes sense (the owner's connection to military clandestine operations as a computer programmer). datamined on Facebook, we're being datamined on GLP. Nothing is sacred.


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