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Monday, May 11, 2009

CheckMate: George4title,, Jonathan Lebed,

Link to youtube
George4Title was promoted and funded by ^Trinity^ (at least that's what both parties said on the glp website) at before they had a public spat.

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  1. Hyperinflation is real. And what Lebed did is done often by pumpers on stock forums. This happens ALL the time!!!!!!! Check out, etc. There are many more. Granted, all members are not pumpers but many are. Bloomfield does the same thing. It isn't right and many are left holding the bag but for the government to prosecute Lebed is asinine as they do this and worse all the time. I don't ever agree with misleading people but one thing is for sure; hyperinflation will be coming to America thanks to an "All Knowing" central bank known as the Federal Reserve. If I were you, I'd start posting the accurate and correct predictions of Ron Paul and Peter Schiff. Both have been warning us for many years now. They know that the market is greater than any government and although can be manipulated, will come out on top. Either way, thanks for your investigatory work.


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