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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disinformation agents of the New Worldly Order (David Icke, Alex Jones, Zeitgeist)

Link to youtube


  1. How can I get a transcript. Could not find the link.

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  2. The last thing I would think about David Icke that he is "One of Them". But after I came across some rare articles and videos on the web on this issue I started to wonder...

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  4. This sort of movement seems very counter-active. You're creating more chaos out of the chaos. Did you ever stop and think to actually study pagan religions? I'm guessing not, because you are assuming that the symbolism associated with them is demonic. I'm sorry to inform you, but it is just as demonic as the Book of Genesis telling us that the world was created in 7 days.

    The majority of it, and mythology as a whole, is intricate symbolism for understanding the cosmos. It is not dark, misleading agenda that was created to fool people into believing in other gods, or to reduce their morality to nil and create a secular world. People as a whole are good enough at that without religion or spiritual teachings. All of the "pagan" religions that I have studied are rooted in the concept of a Universal Oneness in which all other things arise from and 'exist' within. While on the surface, and from the western formal educational standpoint this isn't very apparent. Though upon looking further into comparative studies, it really is no different than when Jesus said, "That day you will know that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I in you." - John 14:20 Also as the Vedas tell us over and over again in various ways that to know, "that the Self (Atman) and Brahman are one, a man leaves vain theory behind and attains to truth." The Truth of oneness is within all spirituality, whether or not they are deemed pagan. If you are so concerned about the well being of man's soul's than i suggest that perhaps you should study spirituality or comparative religions as a whole rather than focusing on the chaotic negative fear mongering. Approaching a negative subject with more negativity simply begets more of itself.

  5. If they kill everyone who tells the truth, why are you still around?

  6. CLUES: BOTH the Bible, and David icke, and the New Age try to denigrate the Goddess religion of the earth as ALSo do the elite 'hidden' occultists who continue to attack the very Web of Life!!


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